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Whois STORM’s PROJECT – a group of 170 scientists united by a cooming idea of the possibility to prolong human life and working worldwide, hereinafter referred to as “STORM’s“, acts as a technology center, think tank and innovation company. We intend to engage in a wide range of businesses based on the latest achievements, innovations, technological breakthroughs, unique technologies leading to dozens of technologies that are changing the world for the better today. We are working to build a sustainable future and we are aware that we are in this for the long term. We create a sustainable environment for our people, our customers, our business and our planet.

Currently, STORM’s laboratories working in France, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong and Malaysia combine the thinking and scientific module of more than 100 highly qualified scientists from Germany, France, Italy, the Asia-Pacific region, mainly with experience and degrees in physics and plasma’ science who are engaged in research and development on a daily basis.

Our strategy

We strategically focus on creating conditions that will prolong human life, including both by improving the suitability of the environment in terms of ecology and the efficient allocation of vital resources, and by using specialized medical products for individual use, created taking into account the physical parameters of a particular human creatures.

Thanks to our varied experience and a proven network of professional partners, we can successfully participate in a wide variety of events: we implement new development projects from the very beginning, as well as advise and act as intermediaries in the introduction of new unique medical products to the market.

Our corporate strategy is based on two main directions: project development, development of the sector of human-oriented medical products.

Project development
Our strategic approach to the development and planning of environmental projects is based on our entrepreneurial approach as well as our experience in the energy sector and in project finance. We develop projects throughout the entire development cycle and have the skills and experience to ensure the success and quality of projects, making us an ideal partner for many developers. Our financial know-how not only enables us to secure financing for the construction of our portfolio of projects, but also increases the profitability of development projects.

Development of the sector of human-centered medical products
With our experience, knowledge and international team, we are able to provide highly professional services for the launch and management of medical products created personalized for people. Drawing on many years of experience in commercial management, we closely follow the evolving technological trends and the constant development of the sector, which allows us to ensure and optimize the long-term profitability of the products under our management.