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STORM’s PROJECT encourages investors to join the funding of the trial program and the implementation of our etiotropic, that is, directed against the cause of illness and death, method of combating COVID-19.


The years 2020-2021 will go down in history with the COVID-19 pandemic, and at the same time – with huge, contradictory and absurd efforts by various states, governments, concerns, institutes, research groups to find a way to treat the disease by a continuous enumeration of all available medicines. Millions of lives have been senselessly sacrificed and huge sums of money have been spent on their unsuccessful treatment.

The seriousness of the situation in the world is expressed in the following figures (as of 10.10.2021):

  • cases of infection: 238 401 833
  • deaths: 4 859 153.

Large countries have relied on the development of immunity by the human body after vaccination with antiviral drugs.

The economic losses are as follows: if we take the estimated amount of insurance payments per death from COVID-19 equal to US $ 100,000, then almost 5 million deaths will give a total amount of insurance payments of almost US $ 500 billion, and the total amount of losses to the world economy is probably 10 or even 20 times more – from US $ 5 to 10 trillion.

STORM’s PROJECT includes the international biophysicist group Storm4Life, which in early 2020 took on the project of a reliable way to combat COVID-19. The work was carried out purely on a volunteer basis, exclusively on its own and


Financial expectations

We estimate the amount for a complete description and implementation of the method in world medical practice at US $ 500 million, which is less than 0.1% of the amount of only insurance losses for deaths from COVID-19, only at an average insured value of US $ 100,000 per person.

Including, of this amount, needed immediately:

  • US $ 50 million to prepare for the theoretical approval of the STORM’s method by the expert community;
  • US $ 50 million to collect and summarize complete information on the STORM’s method and form a joint scientific position on this method;
  • US $ 100 million to deploy STORM’s primary testing in Phase 2 validation.

The remaining funds in the amount of US $ 300 million, which is 60% of the total amount, are reserved for further expansion and refinement of the method, the creation of scientific groups, the processing of the results of the STORM’s method, the publication of the results and rewarding of the most distinguished scientists in the implementation and development of the method, scientific groups and institutions.

We expect that the method will be approved, prove its effectiveness and show the feasibility of allocating funds for its implementation within the first month after the start of implementation, therefore, the issues of determining and allocating further funding amounts in excess of the initial US $ 200 million, that is, US $ 300 million, can be leave for later stages after the success of the first stages.