we simply prolong life
bio and life science
Our Projects upon Net Zero, global warming & ocean cleanup for saving and prolonging human life.

SUMMARY Transforming plastic waste in oceans to marine fuels

Original approach of STORM’s PROJECT to collect and utilize plastic waste into light and heavy marine fuel. Used for ocean and river cleanup.

SUMMARY Energy cells which save renewable energy of wind

STORM’s PROJECT predicts new era of vertical-axis win turbines which remain environmentally friendly and can be scaled to reach 50 and 100 MW. Energy stored in energy cells designed by STORM´s Labs..

SUMMARY Terraforming islands into inhabited by humans big ecofriendly archipelago

Expanding country territory by STORM’s PROJECT strong technology. Building New Land for living and prosperity. Terraforming coast line into inhabited areas.

SUMMARY Fire extinguishing system that saves lifes and nature

STORM’s PROJECT extinguishes any type of fire in seconds and saves oceans against carbon pollution by oil and gas platforms. Also used to stop wildfires.

Fuel-high-efficient power generators with 17% fuel consumption, current startup by STORM’s Labs.