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LIFECODE ™ LifeCoder is a revolutionary tissue and organ regeneration technology from STORM Labs, bringing together a group of research scientists from Germany and the USA. The device is unique for its simple and efficient use.

The technology is based on replenishing the electromagnetic field of human cells, which makes it possible for the body to return to its previous appearance and shape of cells and thereby restore the necessary internal biochemical processes.


Any pain signals through the nerve endings about the presence of a local inflammatory process. Any medication treatment, such as injections and pills, is aimed at relieving only the symptoms. Our developer, while conducting experiments on promising development, noticed the effect of electromagnetic restoration of living tissues of organisms.

Upon detailed examination, it was possible to establish that each cell has its own electromagnetic field, which can be damaged due to the internal influences of such life forms as microbes and viruses and external influences such as radiation from smartphones, cell towers and other devices with directed beams of energy. At the same time, a healthy cell has a characteristic regular shape, and an ailing one has torn edges. In this case, the electromagnetic field is in direct connection with the physical parameters of the cell – if the cell is damaged and there are no hidden resources for recovery, then the cell’s electromagnetic field is torn.

Our developer has created a medical device that uses the principle of replenishing (pumping) the electromagnetic field at the cellular level at certain regenerative frequencies, which allows the cell membrane and contents to be restored. The device is applied to the place that gives out pain. Full coverage is achieved through a penetration depth of up to 15 cm. The device significantly accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm