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LIFECODE™ Soundmatrix


The LIFECODE™ Soundmatrix of Human Health is a unique health restoration technology and is supplied as a sound file.
The development has no analogues in the world and is currently very relevant for protecting the health of the planet’s population from new biological threats.
The technology is based on the principles of calculating the human biocode, which allows you to create an individual LIFECODE™ Soundmatrix and its further use for protection and recovery from various kinds of diseases, including infectious and viral ones.
All LIFECODE™ Soundmatrix’ are strictly individual and are created on the basis of original musical compositions.

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When using sound as a carrier (“pill”) in treatment, there is a problem with its delivery to a specific organ: we cannot put a person in a capsule and douse him with sound or transmit vibrations through a directional device. This is due to the fact that the construction of specialized premises and equipment is required. At the same time, we can influence the main computer – the brain – through sound vibrations in such a way as to stimulate its positive behavior (positive thoughts).

Our developer assumes that the cause of human behavior is brain damage, which has already been proven by a representative sample of MRI scans. For the treatment of insufficient chemicals, you need to get to specific areas of the brain and act on neurons in order to restore their positive dynamics of growth, the device of interconnections and thus affect the biochemistry of the brain. Thus, by healing the brain, we can change the signals that the brain sends to the internal organs.

The main problem with this approach is the audible audio frequency range. It is no secret that a large number of people suffer from diseases of the ears, throat and nose, and in this regard, the level of hearing decreases to such an extent that only the “speech” range remains, and high and low frequencies above and below this range drop out. Therefore, it was necessary to modulate the carrier sound frequencies in such a way that they fall into the speech range, are euphonic, pleasant and affect the desired areas.

The developer, after a lot of experiments and theories, managed to select the key parameters. These key parameters are interdependent and we can move them in certain ranges depending on the goals. Therefore, stem cells need some parameters, for general recovery after illness, others. The resulting sound file is called “common”.

A side effect of the developer’s experiments was that a person’s name affects their health. If a person likes the name, then it adds endorphins, if you don’t like it, then it works in the negative. And the very pronunciation of the name turned out to be “intertwined”.

Therefore, we call this product for the market a sound matrix, since a common sound file is initially placed there, a person’s name MAY be “intertwined” and all this can be built into a person’s favorite musical composition, which enhances the impact.