we simply prolong life
bio and life science


Our global team is passionate and experienced in the field of prolongation of life, working to embody our shared belief that increasing the length and quality of human life is the key to a sustainable future. Thanks to our knowledge, intelligent solutions and purposeful teamwork, we develop and operate new unique products to protect the environment and human health.

The STORM’s team draws on many years of experience in project development and planning, asset acquisition, and financing. Comprehensive knowledge of the markets for the protection of the environment and the life and health of human beings and current trends complement our competence. Through our hierarchy and teamwork, we remain flexible and can respond quickly to emerging market opportunities.

Towards the future of humanity

As a dynamically developing company specializing in creating conditions that will prolong human life, including both by improving the suitability of the environment in terms of ecology and the efficient allocation of vital resources, and by using specialized medical products for individual use, we develop and provide new life extension methods around the world, act as an asset manager and provide advisory services for the acquisition of such assets. We pride ourselves on contributing to the sustainable improvement of the environment and therefore providing life and economic activity on a planet with limited resources.

Our corporate culture combines the creativity and pragmatism of entrepreneurs with the strict discipline and commitment to excellence of a professional investor. This is also reflected in our corporate values.

Our Corporate Values